Characters for Games & Animation

We can design you a charming character or build one from existing concept.

From High Resolution models for film and animation, to optimized game-ready lowpoly meshes with normal maps and PBR shading.

Personalized to your constraints and needs:
  • Highpoly meshes for film or comercial
  • Optimization for high end games
  • Lowpoly meshes for mobile
  • ZBrush Sculptures for 3D Print
  • Compatible with VR or AR

Design Pipeline

1. Conception and Consulting

In this first step we willl create several concepts to which you can always give feedback until we have developed a design that fully suits your wishes and needs.


If you already have a design that you can provide reference images for us, we can start with the modeling process immediately.

2. Modeling Process
Sculpting and Retopolization

We start by sculpting a digital maquette in ZBrush. This allows for quick changes. We need to further optimize it so it can be used for animation or games. these steps are:

  1. Retopo –¬† Optimizing the sculpted mesh into a clean mode

  2. UVW Unwrap – Laying out the model’s surface on 2d plane

  3. Normal Map Baking – Saving the high resolution details of the original sculpt onto a normal map texture

  4. Textures and Materials – Authoring different materials to the mesh like sub surface scattering materials for the skin
Skinning Rigging and Animation

In this step we create a skeleton that the mesh will be binded too. This skeleton will need controls that can manipulated to create a wide variety of animations

Game Ready for Unreal and Unity

If you want to have a character specifically to be used in a game engine for Virtual Reality, we will package all necessary assets so that they can easily imported into Unreal or Unity. This includes making custom materials using the unreal editor or the unity amplify plugin.

Final Characters

Real time character rendered in Unreal Engine

Pre-rendered Character

Real time character rendered in Unreal Engine

Pre-rendered character

Lowpoly characters for mobile