Dennis Kurzeja
| 3D Artist |

specialized in Real Time Visualization

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Automotive Visualization in vr

More than just a visually pleasing render of your product. Real Time allows us to make rapid changes without losing time Rendering a new Image. Beautiful scenery can be added and lighting changed dynamically.

The possibilities are endles!

Architecture Visualization in VR

Plan on building new architecture? Imagine walking through your building like it has been already build. Virtual Reality makes it possible! We can create eye catching media of your future building with Unity or Unreal and furthermore give you the power to make changes to it in real time.

2 Dimensional media is limited. Use the Advantage of VR!

Character Art from Concept to final Model

We can design you a charming character or build one from existing concept.
From High Resolution models for film and animation, to optimized game-ready lowpoly meshes with normal maps and PBR shading.

Stand out from the crowd with an unique artstyle entirely personalized to you!

Animated Illustrations for Film and Comercials

Animated illustrations in real time. For Background Displays, Commercials, interaction design and more!


Hardsurface Modeling

All possible streamlined metallic surfaces, vehicles, furniture and probs

Organic Modeling

Everything with a soft surface from stylized humans, animals and believable clothing

Texture Painting

Handpainted texture in Photoshop and Zbrush or using Substance painter and Quixel to create realistic materials in PBR shading

Material Creation

Creating complex materials with the Unreal material editor, Substance Designer or Unity amplify.

ASset Optimization

Cleaning up models created in CAD Software so that they are optimized for game engines. same for scanned meshes.

Lowpoly Modeling

Taking high resolution meshes and breaking them down to lower polycount while conserving details in texture maps, or creating unique stylized assets for mobile

Zbrush Sculpting

Sculpting highly detailed models for 3d print or for normal- and displacement map baking.

Composition in Unreal and Unity

Placing assets into a scene and adding animation through the sequence Editor or blueprint. Rendering Videos or highresolution screenshots